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Honolulu's number one Chinese restaurant

Hawaii is a culturally diverse state, offering flavors from every corner of the world. When you're in the mood for Chinese cuisine, Happy Day is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. Offering fresh, local ingredients and authentic dishes, there's nothing we can't do to serve up all of your favorites. Providing the best possible food to the greater Honolulu area, we're always here to feed your hunger, from fried rice to dim sum.


of a con artist in the Las Vegas area. She is believed to be a Pacific Islander claiming  to be the owner of Happy Days or a related party.

She appears to target people from Hawaii, starts a conversation and makes up a story on how she needs money but can't get it. She has a piece of jewelry she is willing to leave with you for money. Further, she explains, when you get back to Hawaii, to stop by Happy Days & exchange it back for their money.

1st: It's probably cheap/ fake jewelry. 2nd: No one from Happy Days would ask for monetary help in Las Vegas. 3rd: We do not give money in exchange for jewelry.

We ask for your help in locating this person so she can be procecuted to the full extent allowable. So if anyone goes to Las Vegas and is approached by this woman, don't fall for her scam. Take a picture if possible. Report her to the authorities so they can be aware of the situation. Contact us when you get back. Above all, STAY SAFE!


Dim sum specialties

Chinese food comes in many different varieties, offering a wide range of dishes, flavors and delicacies. At Happy Day, we specialize in authentic dishes with a unique focus on dim sum. Bite sized portions served traditionally in steamer baskets, these mouthwatering morsels are perfect for both lunch and dinner.

Dining in Honolulu

As one of Honolulu's top restaurants, we're pleased to serve amazing food to the greater area. Conveniently located in the city center area, we're just minutes from downtown destinations and nearby suburbs. With delivery and catering options, you can get your Happy Day fix, no matter where you're located.

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Want to place an order, ask about reservations, or learn more about why Happy Day is the best in town? We're always here to help. Contact us today at (808) 738-8666, drop us a line at, leave us a note on our Contact page, or simply stop by the restaurant!
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